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Helping you understand and negotiate the complicated issues of new legislation and the technical issues of the new cyber world is our focus. The Cyber Protector Plan insurance program offers comprehensive and proactive solutions to the critical cyber security issues faced by businesses today. We are dedicated to assist you in bringing your practice up to compliance standards through risk management services, education and training.

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Cyber Protector Plan Overview – Data Breach Protection, Cyber Liability Insurance

The Cyber Liability Protector Plan has joined with specialist insurer Beazley (BEZ.L) to offer a solution to privacy breaches and information security exposures tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations.

The solution, known as BBR Select, offers forensic, legal, notification, credit monitoring and call center services, ensuring that when a breach occurs the affected organization can move swiftly to protect its reputation with customers. BBR Select is the only product in the market that includes immediate enrollment in Data Security Risk Management as a Policyholder service!

The policy provides notification and credit monitoring for affected individuals (normally in the range of 25,000 to 50,000, though higher numbers can be covered) as well as third party liability coverage of $1 million with higher limits available on request.

All practices must be compliant with the new HIPAA/HITECH laws by September 23, 2013, which includes:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Workforce Training
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation
  • Incident Response Plan & Response Team
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Audits
  • Business Associate Agreements
  • Obligations When Breach Occurs
  • Federal/State Law Breach Notification Requirements
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards

Cyber Liability Insurance / Data Breach Protection Policy Highlights:

  • Privacy Liability Insurance
  • Privacy Notification Expense
  • Regulatory Liability – HIPAA/HITECH Fines & Penalties
  • Network Security Liability
  • Media/Website Liability
  • Public Relations & Crisis Management Expense
  • Credit Monitoring Expense
  • Legal & Forensic Expense
  • Theft Resolution Services

Data Breach Risk Management Services

Online Compliance Materials

Federal and state compliance materials regarding data security, data breaches, and data privacy including:

  • Quick Tips on Many Subjects
  • Summaries of Federal/State Laws
  • Links to Statues & Regulations
  • Sample Policies & Procedures
  • Continuing Updates & Electronic Notification of Significant Changes to the On-line Materials

Monthly Newsletters & “Instant Alerts”

  • “Instant alerts” sent by email for events that require immediate attention.
  • Newsletters sent by email, learn about changes in federal and state laws regarding data security, data breach, and data privacy issues.

Expert On-Line Support

Expert support from consultants/attorneys on data security issues, including:

  • Health Care & HIPAA Compliance Issues
  • Data Breach Prevention Issues
  • Data Security Best Practices
  • Computer Forensic Issues

Step-by-Step Procedures to Lower Risk Procedures and on-line forms help you:

  • Understand the scope of “Personal Information” (PI)
  • Determine where PI is stored
  • Collect and/or Retain the minimum amount of PI as required for business needs
  • Properly destroy PI that is no Longer Needed
  • Implement an Incident Response Plan

Training Modules

  • Online Training Programs
  • Employee Training Bulletins & Posters
  • Webinars for Privacy Compliance and IT Staff
  • Audio and PodCast training for Managers and/or Employees

Handling Data Breaches Guidance provided to:

  • Help prevent Data Security Incidents
  • Respond to a Data Breach
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This information is intended to present a general overview for illustrative purposes only, and only the relevant insurance policy can provide the actual terms, premiums, coverages, conditions and exclusions for an insured.